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The CloudRAN IRU was designed by Eurecom. Today, TELMAT Industrie is the only provider able to supply it to customers.

General description of the IRU

A CloudRAN RRU, or IRU, consists of the following main components :

  1. Pico-ITX or smaller motherboard (UP-board, UP2)
  2. Baseband-to-RF radio units (USRP B200-mini)
  3. EURECOM-designed RF front-end circuit (25-27 dBm at the antenna port).
  4. Wiring for 1Gbit/s Ethernet with Power-over-Ethernet modules (PoE) to provide power to the radio units.
       An additional 10 MHz frequency synchronization cable is also distributed to each RRU.

These modules can be used as:

  • IF4p5 RRU (with UP or UP2)
  • NFAPI PNF (with UP2)
  • 5-10 MHz eNodeB (with UP2)

They are powered via PoE+ and require less than 20W. They can also be synchronized using methods that are part of the current OAI codebase.

Available on ref :

  • a) IRU - LTE Band 7
  • b) IRU - Band 38,
  • c) IRU - Band 42/43

The price is set to 2.950 € VAT excluded per unit.

Customs and transportation fees will also be charged for a fixed price of 300 € VAT excluded.

More details here :  CloudRAN IRU

OAI duplexers and RF solutions for LTE Duplexer models for several bands are available.

Passive solution : 320 € VAT excl.

  • B8660 duplexer Band 7 UE
  • B7943 duplexer 2,6 GHz BS (B7)
  • B7928 duplexer B13 for UE (746-787 Mhz)
  • B8026 duplexer B4 BS (1732.50 / 2132.50)
  • B8642 duplexer B20 (847.0 / 806.0)

Active solution : 750 € VAT excl.
In order to increase the RF performance (TX power, RX Noise Figure), an active RF stage is needed. We have designed an active solution with a maximum TX power of +25 dBm and a Noise Figure of 5 to 7 dB.

  • LTE band 7 eNode B and User Equipment (Frequency Division Duplex, FDD)
  • LTE band 38 (Time Division Duplex, TDD)
  • LTE bands 42/43 (Time Division Duplex, TDD)

Customs and transportation fees will also be charged for a fixed price of 30 € VAT excluded.

More details here :  OAI duplexers

How to purchase:

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